Bacillus Licheniformis

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Specialised probiotics manufacturer supply fish feed bacillus licheniformis, bacillus subtilis , clostridium butyricum.

1. Effectively improve pig's growth performance, regulate intestinal flora, decrease the occurrence of diarrhea, elevate the utilization efficiency of feedstuff, and improve the environment of pigfarm.

2. Improve the growth performance of broiler, inhibit the proliferation of clostridium perfringens, decrease the occurrence of necrotizing enteritis, and decrease the omission of NH3.

3. Improve layer's production performance, elevate laying rate ,elevate egg weight and extend the laying period.

Products nameFeed additive Bacillus licheniformis
Product trademark100 BOU
Inspection standardNY/T 1461-2007
Batch Number20210302Production date24-Mar-21
Inspection itemsStandardMeasured valueResult
Appearance and smellPowder or granule, uniform
color, no abnormal smell, odor and caking
particle size100%-40meshComplyComply
ResultThe tested items meet the standard requirements