Calcium formate

CAS number: 544-17-2

Molecular formula: C2H204Ca

molecular weight: 130.0

Chemical structure:

Calcium formate used as acidifying agent in all kinds of animal feeds, mildew preventive, antibacterial agent, effectively preventing diarrhea, could adjust the intestinal function to promote nutrients absorption.

Using calcium formate as a feed additive for piglets can promote the appetite of piglets and reduce the rate of diarrhea. Adding 1% to 1.5% calcium formate in the piglet diet can significantly improve the growth performance of weaned piglets. 

Content98% Min98.23%
Calcium30% Min30.10%
Moisture1% Max0.3
Water insolubles2%Max1.34%
PH 10% Water Soluble6.5-8.07.21
Heavy metal as Pb0.002% Max0.00%