Colistin Sulphate

CAS number: 1264-72-8

Molecular formula: C52H98N16O13

molecular weight: 1155.4339

Chemical structure:

ProductColistin Sulfate
Shelf Life
2 years
Inspection StandardEP 7.0
Test ItemsSpecificationsResults
AppearanceWhite or almost white, hygroscopic powderComplies
Specific rotation-63º~ -73º-72°
IdentificationHPLC retention timeCorrespons to that of the standardComplies
Reaction of sulfatesPositive
pH4.0~ 6.05.8
Loss on drying
Sulphate(Dried basis)16.0%~18.0%16.2%
Sulphated ash≤1.0%0.59%
Related substanceAny impurity≤ 4.0%Complies
Total impurities≤ 23.0%9.7%
Assay, HPLC(Dried basis)Sum of E1,E2, E1-I, 1-7MOA, E3
≥ 77.0%86.2%
E1-I;≤ 10.0%0.36%
E1-7MOA;≤ 10.0%4.3%
E3;≤ 10.0%4.6%
Potency (Moisture)——22114
Potency(Dried basis)≥19000IU/mg22542.3