Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate

CAS number: 17375-41-6

Molecular formula: FeSO4·H2O

molecular weight: 169.92

Chemical structure:

Product nameFerrous Sulphate Monohydrate
Shelf life1 year
No.Testing ItemsStandard DataTesting DataResults
1Appearance/Pale Cream powder Check out
2Content  ≥%91.4093.47Check out
3Content of Fe ≥%30.0030.68Check out
4Plumbum(Pb)≤mg/kg10.003.01Check out
5Arsenic(As) ≤mg/kg2.000.24Check out
6Cadmium(Cd)≤mg/kg5.000.25Check out
7Content of Free water (Moisture)  ≤%0.500.17Check out
8Granule size(mesh 180µm)≥%95.0096.45Check out
ConclusionWe certify that this product achieves the standard of our company and allowed to sell.

Feed Grade Ferrous Sulfate

The addition of ferrous sulfate in diets can effectively prevent low pigment and small cell anemia in animals caused by general iron deficiency. Prevention and treatment of animal iron deficiency depression, shoulder bone edema, dyspnea, impaired body function, temperature control, abnormal body temperature and other diseases.

Ferrous Sulfate Packing:

1.Packed in plastic-lined woven bags of 25Kg net each, 25MT per 20FCL. 

2.Packed in plastic-lined woven jumbo bags of 1250Kg net each, 25 MT per 20FCL. 

3.According to the customer's requirement.