Flunixin Meglumine

CAS number: 42461-84-7

Molecular formula: C21H28F3N3O7

molecular weight: 491.4581

Chemical structure:

Products name Flunixin Meglumine 
Shelf life4 years
Test item specificationresults
Appearance A white almost white and in Methanol, paractically insoluble in acetone conforms 

water: Free absorption 197M

U itraviolet absorptin: 197U 


Apperance of solution 

Clear and not more intensely coloured than refernce solution conforms 
Melting point 137-140137.5-138.6
PH 5% water solution 7.0--9.07.85
Related substances 

2-chloropyridibe-3carboxylic acid

2-methyi-3(trifluromethyl)aniline ≤0.2%

pheny amino pyridine--3-carboxylate ≤0.2%


Single impurity not more than 0.2

unknow impurity not more than 0.2%

Total impurities not more than 0.5%

specific optical rotation 9.0--12.0conforms
solvent residue 

single impurity not more than 0.2

unknow impurity not more than 0.5%

Bacterial endotoxine not more than 4.54 0.1
Loss on drying ≤ 0.5%0.05%
sulphated ash ≤0.1%0.1%
residue on oginition ≤0.2%conforms
Conclusion:Comply with USP