CAS number: 126-07-8

Molecular formula: C17H17CIO6

molecular weight: 352.77

Chemical structure:

Products name Griseofulvin 
Shelf life3 years
Test Specification Results 
Description A white or yellow- white microfine powder A white , microfine powder 
particle size 

Large particles which may occassionally exceed 30uum

Melting point About ℃


IdentityThe infrared absorbance spectrum is concordant with the reference spectrum conforms 
Appearacne of solution The solution is clear and not more intensely coloured than reference solution Clear
specific optical rotation +354℃+364℃357.5℃
Related substance 
Substance soluble in light petroleum≤0.2%0.08%
Loss on drying 0.2%0.08%
sulfated ash ≤0.2%0.06%
Abnormal toxicity five mice orals . none of the mice dies within 48hconforms 
Assay 97.0% to 102.0%100.4%
Conclusion:The above anlysitcial results conform to BP 2010.