Sulfaquinoxaline sodium/Sulphaquinoxaline sodium

CAS number: 967-80-6

Molecular formula: C14H11N4NaO2S

molecular weight: 322.3175

Chemical structure:

Product name:    Sulfaquinoxaline sodium
Expiry Date: Three years
Inspection Standard: CPV2010
IdentificationConform to prescribedConform to prescribed
CharactersticsPale yellow powderPale yellow powder
Loss on drying≤5.0%3.63%
Related substances≤1.0%<1.0%
Heavy metals≤20ppm<20ppm
(The dried substance)

Conclusion : Yhe above mentioned product conforms to CPV2010

Sulfaquinoxaline sodium is a medicine that is used for the treatment of coccidial infections in animals, fowl typhoid, fowl cholera, Infectious enteritis, Bacterial infections and other conditions.

Packaging Details: 25kg/drum

MOQ:1 Drum

Delivery Time: 3 days after receiving the deposit

Shelf life: 4 years