Vita Energy

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Each 100 gm Powder contains –

- Vitamin B1 100 mg,

- Vitamin B2 200 mg,

- -Calcium D Pantothenate- 400mg,

- Vitamin B6 100 mg ,

- Vitamin B12 1 mg,  

- D-Biotin 2% 78 mg,

- Vitamin -C 500 mg.

- Excipients – Q.S


Vita Energy is composition of Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) – Feed Grade is act as coenzymes that help the body obtain energy from feed and an antioxidant compound, which protects cells against oxidative damage and improves immune system function. The Vitamin B complex include Vitamin thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid and Cyanocobalamine. The B vitamins involved in many metabolic functions, including energy metabolism. A vitamin premix is typically used to compensate for the fluctuating levels of vitamins found naturally found in food and to assure adequate levels of all vitamins, Ascorbic acid is believed to play a role in protein, lipid and carnitine synthesis, maintaining blood vessel integrity and immune function especially in poultry. However during stressful conditions, the Ascorbic acid feed grade present there immune cells is quickly depleted. Adding Ascorbic acid to the diet is beneficial for birds under any sort of stress, including heat stress from exposure to hot weather and B vitamins helps to increase metabolisms for better productive performance.


Ø To prevent any kind of Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C deficiency symptoms.

Ø Beneficial for birds under any sort of stress

Ø Prevent disease by its antioxidant properties

Ø Plays vital role to improve by enhanced immunity

Ø For increasing better appetite, nerve stimulation, meat and egg production with hatchability.


For feed mix: 2 kg/1000 kg feed.


24 months of manufacturing date.



1 Kg / Pack. 

Bulk packing on request.



Store in a cool & dry place, protect from light & moisture.

Keep out of the reach of children.