Exhibition News | Arshine Group at CPHI China


On December 16, 2020, the 20th CPHI China (CPHI China) held the curtain firmly against the haze of the coronavirus pandemic. 

CPHI is the most famous exhibition in the pharmaceutical industry, attracting pharmaceutical companies and purchasers from various countries to participate every year. 

Due to the epidemic, overseas customers were unable to visit the scene in person. However, in the absence of customers, Hunan Aichen still participated in the exhibition and showed a different side at the exhibition:

Live Online

From 3 pm to 5 pm on December 16, Arshine conducted two live broadcasts at the booth. The theme of the first session is: Love & Hope Are Always Possible. Two beautiful anchors vividly told stories about China's fight against the epidemic and how the Arshine overcome difficulties together.

The theme of the second session is Arshine · Vision. The company's chairman Chen Aiping talked about the company's development and thinking about the pharmaceutical industry, so that customers have a deeper understanding of the company.

Lucky Draw

Aiming at domestic supplier partners, Arshine took a more lively approach this time-drawing a lottery directly at the event. At Arshine's booth, cheers came from time to time: "Wow! I won the prize!" The voice brought a lively atmosphere to the quieter exhibition hall. The prizes this time are even more colorful-cervical massager, Huawei sports watch, and Switch somatosensory game console with fitness ring. Is it a pleasant surprise?

Online CPHI Interaction

The CPHI organizer held an online exhibition this time, and the organizer’s live show came to Arshine’s booth and interacted with our SDC general manager Cheng Yan.

On the 17th, the organizer also interviewed the company's chairman Chen Aiping to analyze the current situation of the pharmaceutical industry and the discussion of opportunities after the epidemic. It is believed that with the blessing of these two big coffees, Hunan Arshine will attract another group of fans!

"Snail" Chenchen, C debut

The mascot of Arshine, "The Relentless Snail" (nicknamed Chenchen), also came to the CPHI scene this year and became a "unique" scenery in the whole exhibition hall. It has always been the challenge and persistence in the "snail spirit" that have inspired Arshine people to continue to forge ahead in the foreign trade industry. The naive snail dolls attracted a lot of attention, and the colleagues who walked by would pat the snail's belly cordially and take photos with the snail, which also attracted a lot of popularity to the booth!

2021, Shanghai CPHI see you next year~~