Arshine Group

Established in 2007






Annual Growth Rate

Arshine Group was originated at Shenzhen, China in 2007. For over ten years, Arshine group has been setting a firm footing in China and looking to the world, with an average annual growth rate of over 30%. Arshine has become one of the first-class and industry-leading professional health foreign trade enterprise groups in China.

Product categories

Arshine exports more than 2000 kinds of products

Human API
Veterinary API
Food Additives
Feed Additives

What We can Do for

Our Customers

High performing ability
•Promise to carry out the contract if the price increases during the validity of the contract
Quality assurance
•We will take full responsibility for any quality problem
High efficiency
•Reply customers at anytime & anywhere.
•Keep customer informed for shipment status timely
Market information share
•For our VVIP customers, we will share the market information every week.
Technical support
•New product sourcing
•Solve production technical problems
•Contracted product
One-stop supply
•Over sea purchase besides china
•we also supply packing materials, equipment& machinary, testing instruments, etc.
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Company information

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Can veterinary raw materials continue to rise after a high level of correction?

The market transactions of sulfonamides, quinolones, neomycin sulfate, and colistin sulfate are rela

Arshine Food Additives Co., Ltd. was awarded AEO Advanced Certification by China Customs

In mid-September, Hunan Arshine Food Additives Co., Ltd. was certified AEO Advanced Enterprise.