Beta-Carotene 96%

CAS number: 7235-40-7

Molecular formula: C40H56

molecular weight: 536.8726

Chemical structure:

Product name:    Beta-Carotene
Expiry Date: One years
Inspection Standard: GB8821-2011
Sensory requirementViolet-red or red crystal or crystalline powder, odourlessViolet-red crystalline pwder, odourless
Identification           2.1 A455nm/A340nm                             2.2 A455nm/A483nm            


1.14 ~1.18



Beta-Carotene(Calculated on the anhydrous basis)96.0%~101.0%97.8%
Loss on drying≤0.2%0.04%
Residue on ignition≤0.2%0.02%
Heavy metals ( as Pb)≤0.0005%≤0.0005%
Arsenic (as As)≤0.0002%≤0.0002%
Melting point176℃~182℃178℃~179℃
Solubility To conformconform

Microbial limit    

10.1 Aerobic bacterial count 

10.2 Coliforms       

10.3 Fungi and yeast





/                   /      

Conclusion : Conform to GB8821-2011