Cranberry Extract

CAS number: 84082-34-8

Molecular formula: C27H31O16

molecular weight: 611.53

Chemical structure:

Product NameCranberry Extract
Plant PartFruit (100% Natural)
Active IngredientProanthocyanidins
Latin NameVaccinium Macrocarpon
Shelf Life2 years
ItemSpecificationTest result
Physical tests: 

Description:Dark Purple-red fine powderComplies
Sieve analysis:NLT 100% through US Standard Sieve 80 meshComplies
Odor & TasteSpecificComplies
Loss on Drying  5% Max3.36%
Ash 5% Max1.54%
Chemical tests:

Proanthocyanidins (BL- DMAC)> 15.00%15.34%
Heavy metals:

Total heavy metals< 10ppmComplies
Arsenic(As)< 1ppmComplies
Lead(Pb)< 1ppmComplies
Cadmium(Cd)< 1.5ppmComplies
Mercury(Hg)< 0.1ppmComplies
Microbiological test:
Total plate count<1000CFU/GComplies
Yeast and mold<100CFU/G Complies
Coliform<10CFU/G Complies
Pseudomonas agruginosaNEGATIVEComplies
GMO/BSE StatusStore in sealed containers at cool & dry places. 
StorageKeep away from strong light, heat and moisture. 
Shelf life2 years when properly stored.
Packing25kg/drum, packing in paper drum and two plastic-bags inside