Norfloxacin HCl

CAS number: 104142-93-0

Molecular formula: C16H19ClFN3O3

molecular weight: 355.7918

Chemical structure:

Product nameNorfloxacin HCL
Shelf Life3 years
DescriptionAlmost white slightly yellowish complies crystalline powderComplies
Loss on drying0.2%0.98%
Residue on ignition0.2%1%
Clarity of SolutionCompliesComplies
Heavy metals20Complies
FluorineMore than 5Complies
Purity chromatographic
The sum of all impurities’peaks  is not more than 0.5%Complies
Related SubstancescompliesComplies
AssayMore than 98.5%99.38%

Conclusion: Complies with Enterprise Standard