Potassium chloride

CAS number: 7447-40-7

Molecular formula: KCl

molecular weight: 74.5513

Chemical structure:

Product namePotassium chloride
Shelf Life3 Years

Technical indexStandardsTest results
Characterswhite crystalline powder, freely soluble in water, practically insoluble in ethanolTo pass test
IdentificationIt gives the reactions of chlorides and potassium.To pass test
Appearance of solutionClear and colourless.To pass test
Acidity or AlkalinityComply with the standardTo pass test
Iodide and BromideComply with the standardTo pass test
Aluminum1μg /g<1μg /g
Calcium and Magnesium0.01%<0.01%
Heavy metals0.001%<0.001%
Loss on drying1.0%(at105for2h)<1.0%
Organic volatile impuritiesComply with the standardTo pass test
ConclusionComply with USP30