Recruitment of Sales Manager / Representative

Working Place:  

1. Moscow / St. Petersburg, Russia

2. Cairo, Egypt

3. Dhaka, Bangladesh

4. Karachi, Pakistan

5. Algiers, Algeria

6. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Salary & Bonus: $700-$1500 per month + Incentives


Job Descriptions:
1.  Market investigation and information collection.

2.  Products registration

3. Developing customers, exploring their requirements and orders, maintain relationship

Job Requirements:

1. 3 years working experience, including 1year pharmaceutical raw materials or food additive or chemical industry experience. (Priority with customer resources)

2.  Bachelor degree required.

3.  Self-motivated, have work goals and can work under certain pressure

4.  Be clear about job responsibilities, and strive for improvement.
5.  Effectively work with customers and colleagues from different regions and cultures.

6.  Language: local language and English good at oral, writing

7.  Age range: 25~49


Resume and Interview Contact:

Arshine group co., ltd