Arshine Food Additives Co., Ltd. was awarded AEO Advanced Certification by China Customs


In mid-September, Hunan Arshine Food Additives Co., Ltd. was certified AEO Advanced Enterprise, as one of the 47 enterprises among the more than 20,000 customs import and export record enterprises in Hunan Province, after a strict spot certification and audit of declaration-application materials, in the AEO advanced certification organized by Changsha Customs.

On October 20, Vice Director of Changsha Customs Mr. Wei Yongliang, Director of Enterprise Management Department Mr. Zhu Zhongping, Director of Xingsha Customs Mr. Cheng Biyun, and the delegation visited Arshine Group to issue the AEO advanced certification and a seminar was held there, the second level researcher of Changsha High-tech Zone Management Committee Mr. Chen Zhiyong was invited to attend the Seminar. During the seminar, Vice Commissioner of Changsha Customs, Mr. Wei Yongliang, awarded the AEO certificate to Arshine in person.


At the seminar, Vice Commissioner of Changsha Customs, Mr. Wei Yongliang congratulated Arshine for passing the AEO certification and expressed his hope that Arshine would take this opportunity to continuously strengthen its management, strengthen the construction of its professional customs team and further enhance its comprehensive level of foreign trade. During the seminar, the officers expressed that Changsha Customs will continuously uphold the principle of "facilitating good faith and law-abiding, and punishing for breach of trust and violation of law", insist on maintaining fairness and justice in the market, strengthen customs enforcement, and provide more services for enterprises with "heart" and "warmth", and build a good interactive cooperation relationship between customs and enterprises.


Ms. Chen Aiping, Chairman and President of Arshine Group, expressed her sincere gratitude to the Customs for their concern and support over the years, and introduced to the officers the development of Arshine Group's 4th 5-Year Strategic Plan and the remarkable achievements this year. Ms. Chen Aiping said that AEO Advanced Certificate is the "golden signboard" of international trade, which not only greatly improves the efficiency of international trade customs clearance, but also the management system of the Group through the certification process and enhances the security management of the supply chain, laying a solid foundation for Arshine Group to further become a leading global health industry chain service group.


After more than a decade of development, Arshine Group's internal control management, process implementation and control capabilities meet the requirements of AEO Advanced Certified Enterprise. The Group will further improve business processing efficiency, reduce business costs, strengthen the customs team, fully follow customs policies, continuously promote the foreign trade of China's health field, and continue to provide high-quality and high-value services to global customers. In the future, with the support of customs officers at all levels, Arshine staff will be more confident to build the company to be a benchmark enterprise in the province and a typical foreign trade enterprise.

AEO Certification Introduction

The World Customs Organization (WCO) adopted the Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade at its 105th/106th Annual Council Meeting in 2005. The SAFE Framework of Standards is built on two pillars, namely, Customs-Customs cooperation and Customs-Business cooperation. AEO is a system introduced by the World Customs Organization to realize the Framework of Standards, which aims to build a partnership between Customs and the business community, to achieve the goals of trade security and facilitation; the AEO system is a system whereby Customs certifies and recognizes enterprises with a high level of compliance, credibility, and security, thereby granting them practical facilities and preferential measures.


By becoming an AEO Advanced certified enterprise, who can enjoy the dividend policy released by customs credit management, improve the treatment of international trade clearance, enjoy a lower inspection rate, prioritize the clearance procedures of import and export goods, reduce the frequency of inspection and verification by customs, apply for exemption from guarantee and a series of other convenient measures, and also enjoy the convenient preferential measures provided by countries that have signed AEO mutual recognition agreements with China, thus further improving the enterprise’s comprehensive competitiveness in international trade.