L-Glutamic Acid

CAS number: 56-86-0

Molecular formula: C5H9NO4

molecular weight: 147.1291

Chemical structure:

Product nameL-Glutamic Acid
Shelf Life2 Years
 Item SpecificationsTest  Results
AppearanceWhite crystalline or crystalline Powder acid taste and slightly agreeablePass
Specific optical rotation+31.5+32.5°+31.93°
State of solution (Transmittance)98.0%98.5% 
pH value3.03.5 3.2
Heavy metals ,%          max10ppm 2ppm
Chloride ,%             max0.020%0.017%
Arsenic(As2o3),%        max1ppm0.5ppm
Iron (Fe)                max10ppm5ppm
Ammonium             max 0.02%0.010%
Sulfate(SO4) %           max0.020%0.012%
Residue on ignition,% 0.10%0.05%
Other amino acids ConformsQualified 
Conclusion: This product conforms to requirements of  AJI 92 medical grade standard.