L-Methionine Food Grade

CAS number: 63-68-3

Molecular formula: C5H11NO2S

molecular weight: 149.21

Chemical structure:

Shelf Life
3 years

Reference standard
USP 32
ItemStandardConclusion of analysis
white crystals or crystalline powder
white crystalline powder
Identificationmeets the requirementsmeet the requirements
Specific rotation+22.4°~+24.7°+23.9°
Loss on dryingnot more than 0.3%0.12%
Residue on ignitionnot more than 0.4%0.08%
Chloridenot more than 0.05%less than 0.05%
Sulfatenot more than 0.03%less than 0.03%
Ironnot more than 0.003%less than 0.003%
Heavy metalsnot more than 0.0015%  less than 0.0015%
Chromatographic purityindividual impurity0.5%meet the requirements
Total impurities2.0%  meet the requirements
Organic volatile impuritiesmeet the requirementsmeet the requirements