CAS number: 57-83-0

Molecular formula: C21H30O2

molecular weight: 314.468

Chemical structure:

Name of Product:Progesterone
Shelf Life:3 years
Test Items
SpecificationResults of Analysis
CharacterWhite or almost white crystalline powderAlmost white crystalline powder
Identification(1) Complies by IRConforms
(2) Complies by TLCConforms
Specific Rotation+186° to +194°+191.6°
Loss on dryingNot more than 0.5%0.2%
Related substancesIndividual impurity not more than 0.5%0.39%
Total impurities not more than 0.8%0.73%
AssayContains 97.0% to 103.0% of C21H30O2 calculated on the dired basis99.6%